Monday, February 18, 2013

Boris Johnson's picture appears on Berlusconi's electoral leaflets without the mayor's permission

I haven't posted anything in such a long time, but unfortunately I am extremely busy at uni and I am also working on other projects (stay tuned for those), which is all well but at the expenses of my blog.
I just wanted to signal you this hilarious article published by The Times, which reports a piece of news of the Italian newspaper "La Stampa".
It looks like Berlusconi recruited Boris Johnson, mayor of London, as a testimonial for the candidates of his party "The People of Freedom". Unfortunately, nobody told Mr Johnson about it, and when he found out he got really upset.
Berlusconi's party sent out electoral leaflets to Italian residents in London featuring the following picture:

You can see Mr Johnson, in the middle, shaking hands with Guglielmo Picchi and Raffaele Fantetti, candidates for the department for residents in the UK.
Apparently, Boris Johnson was really mad when he discovered that his picture had been used without his permission, because it makes him look like he endorsed "The People of Freedom" while that is not true. He even asked for the leaflets to be withdrawn.
I would comment that this move made Berlusconi lose all his votes from residents in UK, but since I live in London myself I can guarantee that virtually all expats already hated his guts, so it just can't get any worse. Still, another memorable gaffe from Mr Berlusconi.

Link to the Times article (you can only read the whole article if you are subscribed though):