Monday, September 9, 2013

Berlusconi's appeal to the European Court of Human Rights

As you might have already heard, Berlusconi is appealling to the European Court of Human Rights following his prison sentence for tax fraud. His lawyers sent the Court a file called "Silvio Berlusconi against Italy", in which they are contesting both the conviction and the possibility that Parliament will kick him out. Ironically, Berlusconi should lose his senatorial title according to the "Severino Law", an anti-corruption law which was approved during Monti's government and which was voted for also by Berlusconi's party. Among other things, it also forbids convicted people from sitting in Parliament. All parties, included The People of Freedom, used this law to prevent some convicted politicians from running in the last election, as they all pushed for the so-called "clean lists" (probably just trying to get some more votes). But now that it actually applies to Berlusconi, his party decided that the law should not be retrospective. 
Starting from today, a Senate commission will examine the issue of Berlusconi's "decadence", to use the literal translation. Everything will depend on the Democratic Party, as voting for Berlusconi's expulsion would imply that the grand coalition will fall apart.

But if the Italian Parliament is weak enough to save him, I highly doubt that we should expect the same from the European Court of Human Rights. In fact, here is the reaction we might get from the Strarsbourg Court:

(Image from the blog of satiric pictures Colorz, "graphic appendix"of the collective satiric blog Spinoza. Highly recommended to anyone who speaks Italian)