Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mario Monti wants Italy to become "more boring". Sorry, too late

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti was interviewed by the German magazine “Der Spiegel”. He mainly discussed the future of the Eurozone, but he also talked about Italy. He claimed that he wants to govern until the end of his mandate (April 2013), and that he hopes that by then “Italy will be a little bit more boring to foreign observers’ eyes”.
Yeah, right. We Italians are never boring, especially when it comes to politics (and we will be even more hilarious if Berlusconi actually comes back), but generally speaking we are undoubtedly amusing . The world will always watch and smile. So, Monti, don’t even bother: we are not boring, and never will be. That’s just too much fun. 

Picture: Italian athlete holding the note "Mum, I'm here" during the Olympics opening ceremony. Would you call that "boring"?