Friday, August 10, 2012

"We stand with the magistrates": petition in favour of Palermo judges

Italy really is a weird place.
Instead of praising the Palermo magistrates that are trying to find the culprits of the Mafia massacre season, we get mad at the magistrates. Politicians label them "giustizialisti" (I've been looking for a translation and couldn't find it), meaning that they rather punish an innocent than not finding someone to punish (or something like that, it's a typical Italian concept that is quite hard to explain). 
Too many people are attacking the magistrates, and passing on the idea of the evil judge who doesn't care about justice and only acts in their self-interest. And a lot of newspapers don't even bother reporting the fact.
The national newspaper "Il Fatto Quotidiano" started to collect signatures to show that there are people on the magistrates' side, and most of all on justice's side.
For any Italian who wants to sign, here's the link.

Marco Travaglio's article (Italian) and petition, named "We stand with the magistrates":