Saturday, September 29, 2012

Berlusconi: "No tragedy if Germany leaves the Euro"

Mr. B. isn't even back yet, but he is already causing damage to the whole country.
A few days ago Renato Brunetta, Minister during the last Berlusconi government, presented his new book “The Big Swindle”. Speaking at the event, Silvio Berlusconi said that “the big swindle” is actually the Euro, because it was introduced without the proper support of a central bank.
He also claimed that the austerity plans introduced by many European governments are not the answer to solve the economic crisis. I have to admit that so far I might even agree with him (and believe me, this is the first time in my life I have agreed with Berlusconi).

If only he knew when to stop talking… No, he couldn't just stop there. He had to say something more. And what did he say? He said that Germany is imposing her “hegemony” in Europe, and that there are two possibilities to end the crisis: either the ECB has to act as a lender of last resort, or Germany must leave the Euro zone  He concluded splendidly by adding that if Germany left the Euro it wouldn't be a tragedy.
Thank you, Mr. B. I myself couldn't think of a better way to make Germany angry.
Indeed, Angela Merkel’s spokesman promptly replied that only the idea of Germany leaving the Euro is absurd.
I guess that by now I should be used to Berlusconi’s absurd statements, but somehow he always surprises me.
Meanwhile, the possibility of a “Monti bis” (a second mandate for Mario Monti) is becoming real. While he was in New York, Monti indicated that, if the political parties wanted him to, he might run in the next general election, to be held in 2013.
Personally, I really don’t want to think about the next election: I simply don’t have a clue about a candidate I might want to vote for. Thinking about the options makes me want to cry…