Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Corruption scandal in Lazio: Governor Renata Polverini resigns

Necessary update about the corruption scandal in Lazio: Governor Renata Polverini resigned, following the loss of support from the UDC (Union of Centre) party. UDC leader Pier Ferdinando Casini, who had been on the side of her party “People of Freedom” so far, suddenly claimed that, according to him, she had to go. Later on, all the UDC councillors resigned.

Picture: former Lazio governor Renata Polverini

Councillors from opposition “Democratic Party” and “Left, Ecology and Freedom” had already hand in their resignations altogether.
Circumstances clearly made it impossible for Polverini to hold on to her seat; anyways, she still denies her involvement in the scandal, which led to the investigation for embezzlement of former councillor Franco Fiorito.
Polverini stated: “I had to resign because of other people’s mistakes”.
However, two documents have been found, which seem to nail the ex-governor. Those two documents allowed the use of party funds for the various MPs’ dinners and parties, and they were both signed by Luca Fegatelli, Polverini’s right hand man. According to accusers, if he signed the documents, Polverini was clearly aware of the situation.
Investigations are still going on. Meanwhile, elections will be held, possibly in November, to elect the new regional administration.