Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Football, opium of the Italian people

First Italian fact: in Italy, we care more about football than anything else.
Here we are, deep in the economic crisis, almost desperate to find a solution, and yet for a weekend the world seems to have stopped. It’s been two days since the final against Spain (that totally deserved to win, by the way) and we are still talking- or in certain cases crying- about it. With the aid of the media, that makes it look like the worst tragedy ever, we are all paining because we lost a stupid football game. Well, so what? We lost a GAME, nobody died, nobody got hurt. Get over it, Italians… We all need a diversion sometimes, but we are crossing the line. Please wake up and go back to worry about serious problems. And God knows we do have much more serious problems. If young people stop envying Balotelli’s muscles and stop complaining that Italy made such a long way to the final for nothing, maybe they will start focusing on the new Istat data, which say that youth unemployment reached 36.2%.
In Italy, football is the real opium of the people.