Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No more bunga bunga: now bring on some normality

Link to the video: Jimmy Carr as Silvio Berlusconi- Enjoy!

All of a sudden, Italian media started talking about Berlusconi's sex scandals again, and particularly about his trial (one of the many), in which he is accused of paying to have sex with minors. There must be a reason for this new interest in the topic. Possibly, the message they are trying to promote is that the girls who said they slept with Berlusconi in exchange for gifts and money are now withdrawing everything. So, Berlusconi would not be an old pervert guy, but a generous man who was ridiculed in front of the whole world because of those lying women. How surprising, considering Berlusconi's media empire (TV channels, newspapers and the ability to influence also the media he doesn't actually own).
Anyway, I told myself: "Hey, let's refresh my memory: what did people say about Berlusconi when he was in charge?". So I found this video by Jimmy Carr, from the show "10 o'clock live", that I really like. It's over a year old, but I guess everyone abroad still pictures Berlusconi exactly like this. And I'll be honest, there is still work to be done to fix things in Italy: I kind of like our new Prime Minister Mario Monti, nevertheless I think he could and should do much more. Yet, when I see this type of video and I recall what people used to comment during the Berlusconi era when I said I was Italian, I can only feel relieved. It seems amazing to be talking about spending reviews and anti-spread plans, instead of "bunga bunga" parties and hookers. I actually find it weird that our Prime Minister is admired and not mocked. We Italians have been living in an unusual reality for almost two decades. Maybe that's why it seems so difficult to deal with Monti's government: it's too believable.