Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Italian politicians: they never get boring...

Every single day, in Italy, "colourful" politicians give us at least a reason to be ashamed of them.
Today, it’s this brilliant statement of Santino Bozza, Northern League’s MP and councilor of the Veneto region:
“Gays? I know that unfortunately they exist, they are sick, different, crazy. If I see them kissing, I spit on the ground in disgust. […] I don’t like gays at all, it would be trouble if there were any in the (Northern) League. I see that there are plenty in leftwing parties, even among the leaders […] I see their obscene behavior in public, on the streets, in parks. We are giving them all this freedom that I don’t see as a positive thing. Just be on your own and get the f**k out”
This is the kind of talk that we hear, while leaders such as Cameron and Hollande talk about gay rights and gay marriage.
It’s just amazing to think that we actually pay these people.