Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Semi presidentialism? It works for France, but they don't have Berlusconi

Today I HATE every single politician in Italy.
This morning the Italian Senate had to vote for a Constitutional reform.  The bill, proposed by the Northern League and the People of Freedom (Berlusconi’s party), wants Italy to stop being a parliamentary Republic and become a French style semi presidential Republic. The Senate voted favourably. Vive la France.

Beside the fact that with the on-going economic crisis I believe the Senate should be discussing more impelling topics, this whole episode gives me a stomach ache for at least two reasons.
First reason: it shows how quickly it is possible for politicians to bypass bureaucratic procedures, and most of all to discuss changing the Constitution (that is sacred and untouchable only when it suits them) if the matter they want to debate benefits them.  And guess who would benefit from this reform? Yes, it’s always the same person and his surname starts with a B. Only the idea of Berlusconi as a president of the Republic is dreadful, but he said he might run for the role “if the party wants him to”.
Second reason: it shows the ineptitude of the parties that are supposed to oppose the bill. Do you want to know what they did, instead of staying there and casting a loud and clear “No”? Most of them left the room at the beginning of the meeting, the remainder abstained. Are you making fun of us? Has everyone ever told you that you can actually vote against something? Well, this was another perfect occasion to show the whole country how useless you are, wasn’t it? Let me tell you how I feel: YOU SHOULD ALL GO TO HELL.
Now the bill will move on to the Chamber of Deputies. I’ll light a candle and keep you updated.