Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Olympics invasion of Italian news. Who cares about Syria and the economy?

Italian media must be so happy right now.
Finally, there’s another topic they can use to avoid discussing the real problems of our country: the Olympics. It doesn’t matter if they are taking place in London, somehow they still have the priority over everything else.
Today at 1pm I was watching the news (I won’t say what channel, but anyway unless you watch the Sky news channel they are all really alike), but before I heard something different from the Olympics I had to wait for a good ten minutes.
First of all, we absolutely need to celebrate the victory of the Italian women, who got all the three fencing medals. Fair enough, let’s be happy, since it is unlikely to happen again.
Then, a five minute long interview to the archery men’s team, that won the gold medal. And they also spent time joking about the fact that they become Olympic champions despite being quite fat.
Only after the extremely impelling report about the archery team’s physical shape, we finally heard about the economy, the Pope’s wish that the violence in Syria stopped, and then a report about the actual situation in Syria. In that order: first the Pope’s speech about Syria, then Syria.
I’m always speechless in these occasions. I honestly don’t understand how they can think that the Olympics and the Pope are more important than the violence in Syria. Plus, since I study in London, I developed a kind of dislike for the Olympics just like the Londoners, but that’s a personal thing. I want to thank Mario Monti for saying no to the Olympics in Rome.
Well, after all, football is the best way to divert Italian people’s attention from reality, but when we don’t have football we can be content with any kind of sport. Let’s get ready to be brainwashed for the next weeks.