Thursday, July 19, 2012

Paolo Borsellino: 20 years later, very little has changed

Today it's the 20th anniversary of Paolo Borsellino's death in the so called "massacre of Via D'Amelio". Borsellino was an Italian magistrate who spent his life fighting the Sicilian Mafia, and in the end was murdered in a car bomb. Together with his friend and colleague Giovanni Falcone, who was also assassinated, he is a symbol of the battle of the Italian state against the mafia. The topic is still very actual: unfortunately, it is not obvious that the state should fight.
Just in these days there new rumours about the role played by some Italian politicians in a presumed deal with the mafia, dating back to the massacres season in the '90s, which, according to the allegation. saw the complicity of the state. The new scandals involve the President of the Republic himself, Giorgio Napolitano. In a phone tapping, Palermo's judges claim, he was heard speaking with some men who might have been a part of that mafia deal. Now the debate is whether those conversations should be destroyed or not, since they include the President. 
Anyway, the matter is extremely hot. Borsellino's words are as current as they could be.
"Politics and mafia are two powers that live on the control of the same territory: they either fight, or collude"
(Paolo Borsellino, January 19, 1940- July 19, 1992)